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Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Calm Before The Storm

* Garden Gate featured as song of the day on Garageband.com.

* Back to Back Review in January issue of No Depression magazine.

* The Drunk Stuntmen’s 5th studio album State Fair has been mastered and will be made available to the virtual fan club members prior to the March 1 release date.

Greetings Stuntfans - We hope you are enjoying Winter in New England. Although there are no tour dates on the schedule, the band has been busy. We are taking advantage of this down time to put our best foot forward as the release date and upcoming tour for the album State Fair approaches.

Prior to the release of the album, the band has been making a buzz. Due to favorable reviews from members of Garageband.com, the song Garden Gate will be the featured song of the day on the Indie Bands front page on Saturday January 26. The address of the page, so you can check it out is http://www.GarageBand.com/go/9NS42IE75B

You, the fan, can join in the fun by simply going to Garageband.com., registering. Then you can check out some cool music and review it. Garden Gate is currently running #75 in it’s category. You can help by putting in your two cents worth regarding all of our tracks including our recent addition to the site, 6:29.

The DVD Back To Back, featuring a performance by the Drunk Stuntmen with the Young at Heart Chorus, was reviewed in the January-February edition of No Depression magazine. No Depression is dedicated to “surveying the past, present, and future of American Music. The DVD documents a historic performance of the two groups at Northampton’s Academy of Music in 2004. Barry Mazor said of the combination of these two groups, “The match up, which includes soulful duets between of the two bands, jumping revival like anthems and sly wise-cracks from performers older and younger, is glued together by the addition of a hot horn section.”

Mazor continues, “It is startling to see how much any sense of indie posturing or striving for the cool just peels away when the stage is shared with amazingly hip grandmas and grandpas.”

No Depression is available locally at Barnes and Noble in Holyoke. You can get a subscription online at www.nodepression.net.

The Back to Back DVD is available at drunkstuntmen.com/catalog/html

The DVD is also available at Filmbaby.com.

Be on the lookout for the Fox Searchlight film Young at Heart coming to a major motion picture theater, near you, in April 2008.

Many of you downloaded our Christmas gift to you, Mitch Easter's Six Pack. The Album State Fair, which was recently mastered by Kitchen Sink Mastering will be available online prior to the release date of March 1, 2008. To take advantage of this situation take one of the previous three Drunk Stuntmen albums, More Bad News, Iron Hip or Trailer Life, put it in your computer and click on the file for the "enhanced" portion of the CD. This will direct you to the virtual fan club. Steve Sanderson says, "Take that old CD, brush it off, put it in your computer and figure it out. We are going to release the music to our fan club first."

We encourage you to contact us. We are scheduling our upcoming tour to support State Fair. If you want us to come to your town, or reasonably close, give us a shout. Get on our mailing list. Click on the email drunkstuntmen link at the bottom of the page at drunkstuntmen.com, or you can check us out at www.myspace.com/drunkstuntmen. Check out our message board. where you can find out when and where Charms is posting live performances for free download. Leave a message it has been quiet lately.

That's all for now we will continue to do our part by keeping you updated of our progress with the album, the DVD and the upcoming tour. Until next time...

Do Your Own Stunts

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