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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Drunk Stuntmen September Update.

Greetings Stuntfans - Sorry it has been so long since we last contacted you all. Your reporter was forced to take an extended leave of absence to attend Silver Days and the Labor Day Holiday Run in Muskrat Flats. I divided my time between volunteering in the in the kitchen at the Oddfellow's Hall and doing some glass working demonstrations. For a kitchen run by a benevolent organization, they are busier most commercial kitchens I have seen.

Feeding all of those hungry bikers, working the Land Trust BBQ as well as keeping up with the meals on wheels dinners was enough to keep anyone hopping. This all changed as the Flatlanders had to stop business for a while in town to help with the post Tornado cleanup.

Corey Blackstone's house, down the Street and around the corner from Hawthorne Park, sustained the most damage as the front porch and most of the contents of the first floor were strewn about the neighborhood.

It was an eye opening experience indeed. Corey had a closely guarded secret exposed by the tragedy leveled upon his homestead by the freakish weather ocurrence. Why a multi-millionaire would sleep in a refrigerator box in the dining room of his deceased mother's house was as queer a concept to grasp as was why would he, a regular anonymous donor to facilitate local civic improvements would care to while away his days picking up trash and cigarette butts from the local parks? Accompanied by his dog, Chubby he did his part to keep the scene clean, when he was not furiously scratching calculations in his black composition notebook.

As the townspeople pulled together to work on the cleanup process, it was a logical choice to gravitate to the Odd Fellows Hall, which already had the reputation as a meeting place for all townspeople, not just the Brethren in the organization. Needless to say a lot of blueberry muffins had to be baked and many eggs were scrambled, before I caught a ride to the Municipal Airport.

Now that I am back to reality in the Happy Valley, the heart beat of the Stunt Nation, it is only appropriate to thank all of you who came to the various shows the Drunk Stuntmen played over the course of the Summer of 2008.

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